About Joseph...

Joseph Sutton-Holcomb CPH, and former account manager 

Joseph Sutton-Holcomb CPH, and former account manager 


Let's talk about Joseph 

Joseph grew up in a gardening household, his father a landscaper by profession planted that seed early on, but it wouldn't truly be realized till after Joseph finished college with a degree in Journalism? Ah ha! a minor in Environmental studies! That Summer Joseph took (what he thought would be) a summer job with Kaleidoscope, little did he know it would lead him to rethink what he wanted to do in life, and thus his passion blossomed.   Joseph quickly became one of our MVP’s on the field, and soon after ascended the ladder to become one of our youngest and sharpest account managers.

Joseph is a wealth of knowledge especially regarding Rain gardens, Sustainable gardening, and Native plants.

We are all sad to see Joseph go but we're also very excited about his future as he is leaving us to WWOOF in Europe! What is WWOOF?  Check it out! https://wwoofinternational.org/

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