Our Mission


To exceed client expectations

We work hard to understand your needs; and then we go beyond.

To Have the Highest Standards

Kaleidoscope Inc. sets the benchmark for the highest standards of quality and service in the landscape industry and business community. No one is more exacting than us.

Serving Seattle Homes and Estates

Our primary business is providing fine gardening services to homes and estates. We have been in Seattle area communities for over 35 years, and are well-respected in the neighborhoods where we work.

Our Reputation is Quality

Our customers expect the highest level of quality and service we provide through the employment of skilled individuals.

The promise of business is to increase the well being of humankind through service
— Paul Hawken

Sustainable Growth

We conduct our operations prudently to provide for growth and profits so we may continue to serve our community for many years to come. We are an established fixture of the Seattle landscaping industry and we aren't going anywhere.

Toward a Sustainable Future

We are committed to preserving the world’s environment through the use of sound horticultural practices. Our crews are well trained and follow horticultural best-practices, always.

Cultivating Talent

We recruit, develop, reward, and retain personnel of exceptional ability, character, and dedication. Unlike other landscaping companies, we take great pride in our crew and work to develop talent from within. Our friendly, approachable team members are trained in knowledgeable service, including ongoing education to be state-certified horticulturists.

Founder George Gregory talks about Kaleidoscope Inc. and who we are.


Seattle Landscaping Professionals - Kaleidoscope Landscaping Inc - Respected residential and estate landscape maintenance company has been providing reliable and professional organic landscaping services to satisfied Pacific Northwest clients in Seattle, Bellevue, Mercer Island, in Washington State for over 30 years.