Roses are red...

For centuries throughout the world, the Rose has been a symbol of love, purity, and of healing. The Rose with its beauty and sweet intoxicating fragrance has inspired poetry, art, and has influenced the perfume industry throughout the ages. Roses have also financially boosted the month of February wherein an estimated 198 million are sold for Valentine’s day alone!

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 To the Gardner in the Pacific Northwest, February is also synonymous with the Rose.  February is the late winter in zone 8 and is when leaf buds begin to swell, which makes this one of the best times to prune most verities of Roses for a healthy season ahead.  Prune in late winter when many shrubs and trees are dormant so that the wounds are only exposed for a limited amount of time before the growing cycle begins again.

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The most obvious reasons to prune would be to reduce the plant size, to maintain the plant’s shape, and to improve the plant's appearance. Pruning to remove dead and diseased wood or thin out the center branches helps to keep the plant healthy and vigorous by increasing the penetration of light and the circulation of air to encourage new growth. 
Hybrid Tea Roses, old-fashioned, and climbing roses should be pruned right before the leaf buds break or if you live in a northern region pruning should be done when you remove winter protection. Choose your cuts above an outward facing bud.
For the best results always use sharp clean tools that are suited for the task.

Here is a list of pruning essentials.

A sharp pocket knife is great for making small cuts as needed. 


Bypass pruners are suited good for cuts about the size a pencil and can be used for perennials and shrubs with thin stems like roses or azaleas.


A pair of sturdy gardening Gloves.


With a little knowledge, you will feel more confident in growing beautiful and fragrant Roses of your own, but if you feel you need a professional's touch please don't hesitate to contact us at Kaleidoscope Landscape Inc. 

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Anna Moomaw