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Fungus Among Us

As a newly emerging science, fungi-based ecological projects present a wonderful opportunity for humans to learn and grow together with nature. Through cultivation and distribution of select mushroom species in our landscapes, local ecosystems will have a greater opportunity to thrive.

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Buzzfeed: Why Filling Your Yard with Bee-Friendly Flowers is Environmentally Ethical

As homeowners, landscapers, and flower-lovers, creating foraging areas for bees is mutually beneficial. Strategic planting of hardy, pollinator-friendly perennials well-adapted to the prevailing climatic conditions beautifies and landscape and feeds the pollinators. By Joseph Sutton-Holcomb, Account Manager and Certified Professional Horticulturist

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Container Gardening

Planting a container garden is a relatively easy and rewarding endeavor. The aesthetic beauty of container plantings can liven up any space while benefiting your health and the environment. By Drew Arvidson, Kaleidoscope team member.

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